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In one of the constants of our daily lives. An old Slovak tale talks of a king and his three daughters. When the time came for him to decide on a successor, he wanted to see which of the three had the wisdom to follow him to the throne. The tale tells us about the first two daughters who tried to impress him with gold and jewellery, the third daughter only gave him salt. The old King was furious and banished her from the Kingdom. It was only later that the king realized the wisdom of that daughter and the importance of salt as suddenly, all the salt in the country vanished. People and animals weakened and fell ill. Guests left the king’s castle in a hurry because the food was inedible. And most importantly, nobody could welcome guests with the customary bread and salt.

The perfect getaway


The perfect getaway from the hustle & bustle of daily life. A curated collection of boutique resorts, Escapades offers an ideal experience for the free-spirited, nature lovers. The aesthetics and amenities at these destinations imbibe in them a vitality and vigour of the surrounding landscape that endears itself to the most scrupulous of seekers.

Close to nature


Get closer to nature with these lush, countryside properties. Manors encapsulate an unparalleled assortment of chateaus and villas which exude character and an old-world charm, making it an intimate and unforgettable experience for the intrepid traveller.

Legacy and tradition


Immerse yourself in the rich heritage that comes with your holiday. Vintage is a collection of hotels steeped in history with a strong legacy and tradition. It affords an opportunity to brush up on the enduring stories of the past.

Home away from home


Homes that extend to travellers a slice of comfort and convenience that mirrors the warmth of one’s own abode. Pleasant private spaces which can accommodate family and friends to make your stay truly a home away from home.

Curated experiences


An ensemble of curated experiences, ‘Collections’ embodies boutique, once in a lifetime stays under one roof. With a strong underlying character, design principle and creative excellence. The Collections is unrivalled in hospitality and the holiday experience. It provides a touch of exclusivity that is unmatched.

Redefine your haven


Residences that redefine your haven from the monotony of the mundane. Spaces that encourage self musing amid locales that transforms from the ordinary to the phenomenal.

Back to your routes


Back to root experience that caters towards rural exploration. As to be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognised need of an individual. Explore culture, communal harmony with purest and simplest form of living. Existing in the rural lifestyle city-dwellers are able to experience a lifestyle foreign to them.

Step into the serene


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Offers are subject to availability

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Offers are subject to availability

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